I am the avatar for WET River Trips, a whitewater rafting company based in Northern California. Since 1978, the company has been an innovative leader in the white water and paddling industries. They were the first to lead commercial trips on many rivers in California. They were also first to develop the team building concepts of paddling together in unison under the instruction of a professional guide.

RAFTWET Jewell was the first outdoor recreation paddling avatar in the metaverse. She is an avatar in Second Life who is helping to educate the international friends across the world about outdoor recreation with an emphasis on water sports. We feel that education and exposure to outdoor recreation will help to save our last remaining clean water, oceans, rivers and streams for the future.

If you recreate on the water, you will protect it… and maybe help influence your local community and politicians to save these beautiful places on our planet earth. The virtual world is a place where dreams are created and water elements are used abundantly. From our influence, we have helped those creative artists to add water in almost every sim, region and place on the grid of the metaverse.

Join us on the river or in the virtual world!

WET Builders
rafee (nickname)

WET River Trips

You can find RAFTWET Jewell at the following places:


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