Builder’s Projects in Second Life

The past few months have been a whirlwind of activity on my lands. The mainland has seen increases in prices that I thought were ridiculous. I am lucky I bought most of my land a long time ago. Almost all my land is on the coast where I have free rein to edit the terrain or build what I want.

All the lands that held art galleries or outdoor garden sculptures were redone the last couple of months. The open air flea market was changed to a more refined presentation. Now two large art galleries are on both Chartreuse and Archan. The outdoor sculptures still sit among the outside areas forming part of the landscape while the smaller pieces are inside the gallery.

I kept most of the interiors open without walls so that avatars would not be impeded by obstructions. Visually, it looks nice to see through the gallery corridors without seeing walls. On Chartreuse, an open patio connects two wings and invites you to sit and enjoy the views. On Archan, there is a large platform on the roof for future art opening parties.

My cake creations have taken over an entire building with some franchised on other parts of the grid. I love making the cakes. It is fun and relaxing to make pretty cakes and pastries. I am learning how to script them better so that the “eating” looks more natural. The cake store is just across from the art gallery on Chartreuse, right next door to Pixel Dolls retail store.

WETLands and RiverLand are now on auto pilot. Many avis visit WETLands Outdoor Ballroom and explore both regions. Both sims are dedicated to water activity where you can go white water rafting, paddling, kayaking or just swimming. On the ocean side, you can surf, windsurf or just float in a raft or inner tube. There is also a huge water slide where you can just be silly with a friend or date. Below the slide is a competition rock climbing wall where your friends can test each other’s skill.

THE A LIST! group is now headquartered on WETLands and the landmark is at the ballroom. Since, I live on WETLands, I thought it would be easier to just make the region part of the group info.

Explore both regions carefully. You will find a small art gallery under the ocean and several dance areas in the sky. Above one of the regions, is a huge sky waterfall. It’s one of my favorite places to hang out and chill.

The WET Builders are a great bunch of people. Some are serious scripters. Some are builders. And, some only create the rivers, streams and waterfalls on the lands. Little did I know that I would be at the helm of some wonderfully creative builders and creators. The 3D world is not so mysterious anymore. I can do this comfortably now.

My avi is now in Facebook’s fan pages, Avatars United, Blogger and several other directories on the net. I love creating with her and share most of her pictures and stories about the metaverse.


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