Builders Land: Sandbox Limitations

In 2004, I tried to do Second Life, but my computer just wouldn’t handle the visual assault and components of SL. So, I had to wait and meanwhile, I studied many hours about virtual worlds and their applications to the business world. And now, here I am working for whitewater rafting companies and helping them to promote rafting in our world and in real life.

I build. I can’t stop building. It’s like having a personal sandbox here on the land. Even when I finish a project… I go back, I see something that’s just not right. So, you tear it out and do it again. Sometimes, doing it again makes it worst. So, you tear that out and start fresh. I’m never done.

Many of my artist friends have told me that building is an art. And as artists, we criticize our own work constantly. I am my own worst critic. Never satisfied… especially after seeing someone else’s build.

The worst problem at this time is my prim count. I’m obsessed with counting prims. And the scripted water is causing lag on the sim. How do I create my vision without sacrificing the servers? It’s a constant battle.

I did tear out two large waterfalls recently. They were “old style” with primitive rotation scripts to handle the movement of the water flow. Too many rocks were needed to “hide” the seams when I built it originally. Way too many prims for the effect. Now I’m using new textures and new scripts that make the water look so real.

The builds go so much faster now, but it makes me want to create several more waterfalls and rivers… again, too many prims and too much lag. The limitations can be frustrating for builders…

I also started creating particles because I just love the beauty of the event when you release them. Stars, dots, shapes exploding into a kaleidescope of colors that you can wear or release around you. Practicing particles on the land creates a horrible lag, and I’ve crashed frequently while playing with the scripts. Oh, but the results are sooo fun.

Well, it’s Saturday morning, and DJ Audrey just sent a tp to her party. I’ll be checking it out since everyone will be there. I’ll dance with Ronnie, Bio, and I’m sure Aaron will be there… lots of the ZenDivaz ppl and Mack’s group always come out to hear Audrey… then I’ll go check out Cherry’s newest art installations in Venice or her sim.

Whew, it will be a full day of partying with my best friends in SL. Hugs to all of them… they make working and building easier. They support me by helping me in every way they can. I’m off to dance now… no crashing today, pleeez, Lindens!

Notes: this is an old post from November 24, 2007. That’s why there are some very old references… more to come soon….


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